Re: gnome-mag, gnome-speech and gnopernicus : The same compil error !

It does not work without a po/ directory as the strings from the .server
files etc are put into .po files. 

I will add the po/ directory to gnome-mag

Cheers, Kenneth

> 	Ok; this just means we don't have a po/ directory; which means no i18n
> of gnome-mag, which is hardly a large blow; since it's only used for the
> .server file which has only very seldomly read strings in it.
> 	Kenneth, can you expand on whether intltool now works without a po/
> directory ? and/or what the state of that is ? and/or whether you can
> fix-up gnome-mag. It'd be great if you could add a po/ directory and
> whatever is necessary to gnome-mag.

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