Re: More gnome-speech errors!!!

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 08:32, Thomas Ward wrote:

> Here is all the errors I got during the configure.

Hi Thomas:

Most of these are warnings which can be ignored.; not all of this is
"our fault", since the recommended versions of tools and various bits of
the GNOME-2.1 stack change often (it is after all an "unstable"
branch).  I am not seeing these problems myself, but there are
indications in the output you sent that there may be version differences
in our automake tools, etc.

Please send me your "config.log", which contains more detailed
information about any configure problems, and I will try to help
diagnose.  I am not working on gnome-speech directly myself at the
moment but certainly want to try and help you solve your problem if I

Your patience is appreciated, even though it is understandably wearing
thin.  As you and others on the list have probably figured out, we are
in a period of instability with regard to gnome-speech which began 3-4
weeks ago and we aren't quite out of the woods yet.  I am optimistic
that things should settle down with gnome-speech in a couple of weeks
thanks to Marc's hard work and then things should go more smoothly.

best regards,


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