Re: panel focus indication

chabotc chabotc xs4all nl wrote:

> There's a lot to say for being able to change the apearance of the panel,
> it is for most people a part of their background / desktop, and not a
> percievable application. (if i want my panel in dark blue since it matches
> my nautilus desktop look and my background image, i want to be able to do
> that without making _every_ gtk2 using application blue ;-) Quite often a
> person might want to match the panel color to the color or apearane of the
> window manager theme.
> However, talk and opinions are cheap, and i'm not a highly skilled panel
> hacker .. ;-) However my crystal ball tells me this will be one of the
> more user mentioned complaints if we don't do this 'right' from the users
> perspective (and miss out on some potentialu spectacular nice desktop
> looks)

I think Chris makes an excellent point.  Though we need "something" as
an interim
solution, and want it to look OK and be reasonably consistent/compatible
GTK+ themes, etc., it seems to me that this ("panel theming")  is
something we
should put on the list of things to plan/design in the future; and I
that it's potentially important/visible enough that it will take some
time and thought to "get it right".



>         -- Chris

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