Re: panel focus indication

jacob berkman wrote:

> > themeable.  Logically the panel should only use pixmaps if the theme
> > engine
> > does...
> logically /maybe/, but that's not how it works.
> go to panel -> properties -> background.
> jacob


I think that for 2.0 we can accept a certain amount of
suboptimality here, as long as we can expose some sort
of clearly visible focus indication.  That way we can
do a thoughtful job of figuring out how to make it
work nicely for background images. 

One possibility which I think may be acceptable in the meantime
would be to disable the focus background highlighting
when background images are in use... but this would
probably mean that for any enterprise setting the default
panel configuration would not use a background pixmap.

At any rate I think we can come up with a good plan for
doing this in the future, and make it work well for the
non-pixmap case in the short term.

Best regards,


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