Re: panel prelight on focus

Calum Benson wrote:

3) The only 'other' required functionality of their pannel is switching
between windows, which can be done thru ALT+TAB, so it also does not
require panel keyboard navigation.

It may not "require" it, but it's still implemented.  At least it is in
Windows XP.

Off topic question: Realy?? I played with my keyboard for half an hour trying to figure out how to focus the window list, and its simply not posible. The only thing that got focus was the start menu. Either its some well kept non obvious secret, or its not posible (or im plain not usable) ;-)

(ps, i know older versions of windows you could goto start menu, 'down arrow' to the lowest leven, and left-right arrow between window 'buttons', but in in XP thats no longer an option it seems)

   -- Chris

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