Re: panel prelight on focus

Chris Chabot wrote:

> Off topic question: Realy?? I played with my keyboard for half an hour
> trying to figure out how to focus the window list, and its simply not
> posible. The only thing that got focus was the start menu. Either its
> some well kept non obvious secret, or its not posible (or im plain not
> usable) ;-)

I don't have my XP box in front of me to check, but I seem to remember
you can get focus to the window list by popping up the Start menu,
pressing Esc (which leaves focus on Start button), then pressing Tab to
tab along the taskbar.  

There may be a quicker way, or I may be remembering the method wrongly--
but it's *definitely* possible because I was checking the other day for
much the same reason that you were checking now  :)


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