Re: [Usability]Re: GNOME Styleguide Compendium

<quote who="Jonathan Blandford">

> Sounds great.  I think it would definitely be good to get them in CVS so
> we can all see where they're going.  If we do that, it might be good to
> mark some sections as being tentative or something, so if we change
> direction, people looking at CVS versions don't get burned.  But in
> general, letting people look at them easily can only help.

Oooh, we could also have a developer guides bugzilla product for them! :)

> We need to do this, anyway.  Additionally, if we could get them in a
> printable form it would totally rock!  We could start the GNOME
> press. (-;

:D :D :D

> >   - Reference and use the GNOME sample application (currently gnome-hello,
> >     but gedit has been proposed for use in the future) in each.
> I think that this might be better as a "How to get started with GNOME"
> tutorial-type thing.  No, I'm not volunteering to write it, but ideally
> it would take the user through all the steps of making a GNOME
> application.  I think gedit may be too big for this.

Okay, then I'd recommend a *really* tiny app that is built along with the
document, but not used anywhere else. Kinda like Havoc's GGAD apps, but
without the crazy build system.

I'm still fairly convinced that gedit should be the app we point to
everywhere else in the guides though.

> We have enough lists in GNOME.  You should only be allowed to make a new
> list if you kill an old one concurrently. (-:

Okay, we can kill gnome-sound-list and the hig list at the same time, then.


- Jeff

    "The postmodern version is: If all you have is duct tape, everything    
   starts to look like a duct. Right. When's the last time you used duct    
                       tape on a duct?" - Larry Wall                        

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