GNOME Styleguide Compendium

Hi all,

The concept of a GNOME Styleguide Compendium came up during the GNOME "Where
Do We Go From Here?" BOF at GUADEC, and was widely regarded as a good idea.

The major thrust of the suggestion was that the usability, docs and
accessibilty styleguides could do with some integration work, and shouldn't
be developed in their respective vacuums.

Some other ideas that came up:

  - Move them all into a styleguide module in CVS, integrate various
    sections, use a single build system. This will ease cooperative
    development, assist with publishing on the web, and keep them together
    for developer use.

  - Share the glossary, if nothing else.

  - Use similar stylesheets when publishing the documents, so they appear as
    integrated documents.

  - Link between them fairly liberally - especially important for usability
    and accessibility.

  - Reference and use the GNOME sample application (currently gnome-hello,
    but gedit has been proposed for use in the future) in each.

  - Perhaps concentrate development of the guides on a single list, and use
    the existing lists for detailed discussion of the various topics. (Yes,
    the awful "another list" suggestion.)


- Jeff

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