Re: C implementation of DOM

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 01:49:48PM +0100, Bill Haneman wrote:
> Daniel Veillard wrote:
> >   That's pure FUD, stop this !
> >   If you want a single implementation, yes it doesn't exist, in the world
> > of W3C specs there is NO reference implementation. If Java has a reference
> > DOM implementation, that's an error from the Java world, W3C is clearly hostile
> > to anybody who would claim to have a reference implementation of one of their
> > specifications.
> The Java implementation is *from* w3c, they sanctioned it, it is
> "normative",
> and you can download it from w3c.  w3c also publishes links to
> non-w3c-supported
> bindings; gdom2 is not listed but the page invites submission of info on
> other
> bindings:
> The only listed C implementation is one from Oracle.

  You completely confuse *bindings* and *implementation*.
the binding is the software contract, the implementation is the way it is
  There is NO reference implementations at W3C
  DOM only has normative bindings for Java and Javascript, the IDL is also 

 The C bindings get normative through the normative IDL to C translation
defined at the OMG.

> >    If you don't want to use gdome2 for whatever reason, it is
> > *YOUR* choice. It exists, it's fast, it is conformant and it is based on
> > the existing GNOME XML and HTML support.
> Well, not my choice *personally*, others in the GNOME community 
> blocked my initial suggestion that we use it (I am not naming names,
> there is always time to revisit these things).
> It may be that gdome2 is the best way we have available to do this,
> but again the lack of a normative C API is an obstacle since we'd need
> to interoperate with toolkits, applications, and assistive technologies
> that do not at present use gdome2.

  Use CORBA, you do not need a C ABI for DOM. And if you try to get
one it won't work well. The DOM implementation is tied to the browser
internal representation of the data, you cannot impose an ABI for this.
But you can try to speak to them though DOM + CORBA.


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