RE: KEYNAV:GtkCombo and Accessibility (bug 53579)

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> Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:20:40 +0100 (BST)
> From: "Padraig O'Briain" <Padraig Obriain Sun COM>
> Reply-To: "Padraig O'Briain" <Padraig Obriain Sun COM>
> Subject: KEYNAV:GtkCombo and Accessibility (bug 53579)
> To: gnome-accessibility-list gnome org
> - Typing any printable character to select the next item in the list
> starting with that character.  (Should ideally work with 
> "select the next
> item in the list starting with the 'n' characters I just 
> typed", too, as MS
> Windows does.  But that's more work as it would require a 
> global timeout
> setting which would have to be adjustable somewhere to cope 
> with people who
> can only type slowly-- which is something Windows doesn't 
> provide, I don't
> think).
> <POB> This feature does not exist. </POB>.
Another solution to this problem is to have no timeout at all. Have the list
just keep track of a string the characters entered, move to the next entry
matching that prefix when new characters are entered, allow backspace for
removing characters from the end of the prefix (entered characters).
Movements in the list by other means than text characters/backspace would
reset the prefix to the empty string. This is similar to incremental search
in some text editors. I also used it frequently in DOS-based Borland
products (about ten years ago). IMO, this is more useful than having to type
quickly to keep the list from forgetting about my last characters.

Ofcourse, if others like this solution, it should be implemented
consistently for other list/tree widgets as well.

//Peter N. Lundblad

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