Re: KEYNAV:GtkCombo and Accessibility (bug 53579)

Padraig O'Briain wrote:

> - Home and End to select the first and last item in list respectively
> <POB> Home and End seems to scroll the list items left and right respectively.
> </POB>

Hmm, I can sort of see the logic in this, but it's inconsistent with
behaviour in other lists.  I think we've proposed (and you've
implemented) Ctrl+PgUp/Dwn as the shortcuts for horizontal scrolling in
some other controls, perhaps this is what should be implemented here?

> - Typing any printable character to select the next item in the list
> starting with that character.  
> <POB> This feature does not exist. </POB>.

I believe this behaviour has or will be implemented in GtkTreeView...
will/does the gtk-2.0 dropdown combo use GtkTreeView to implement its
dropdown part?  If so, I guess we don't have to do any work, otherwise
we might have to consider if it's worth implementing here to be
consistent with other list controls.

> While the list is being displayed, pressing Enter should select the
> currently-focused item and hide the list, leaving keyboard focus on the
> combo box's entry field.  (If the list is rolled up, pressing Enter should
> activate the default button in the window, if there is one, otherwise do
> nothing.)
> <POB> Pressing Enter works as described while the list is displayed but as
> noted above does not work correctly when the list is rolled up. </POB>

This latter behaviour is dependent on whatever decision we reach about
activating the default button in a dialog, which reminds me I need to
raise that with the usability team again...


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