Re: How to popdown a tooltip

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> FWIW I think we do need to be able to focus the panel... though doing
> so might require some special keybinding as it does on Windows.

Panels certainly need to be explicitly focusable somehow, yes...
although it's a little harder for us to define keybindings for it than
Windows, because Windows effectively only has one panel and we can have
many.  Perhaps even just an option to include panels (and the desktop)
in the tasklist and/or the window manager's window cycling sequence
would be sufficient as way to give them focus.

Equally, though, the current model is useful-- you don't really want to
have to explicitly give the panel focus to be able to mouse over the
launchers on it and pop up their tooltips.  So we'd probably have to
work out how we could still make that sort of thing possible.


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