Re: Tabs and groups of radio buttons

Padraig O'Briain wrote:

> In bug 53577 you propose that when any button in a group of mutually exclusive
> radio buttons has focus, pressing Tab should move focus to the control
> immediately after the last button in the group.
> Is this use of Tab inconsistent with what is proposed elsewhere, i.e. Tab focus
> the next control in the navigation sequence?

I don't believe so-- a group of radio buttons is conceptually the same
as an option menu or a single-selection list, which you also tab into,
use the arrow keys to make a selection, and tab out of again.  If you
had Tab moving through each individual radio button in turn, we'd also
have to change the proposed functionality where focusing a radio button
also selects it, which I think would cause unnecessary extra effort for
the keyboard user.

(Java and Windows also both see fit to implement it this way, IIRC, so
it's probably not unreasonable).


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