Re: KEYNAV:GtkMenubBar And Accessibility (bug 53543)

How important is it that the submenu gets unposted? When we navigate to a menu 
item we select its submenu if it exists. It seems inconsistent to unpost a menu 
when we navigate from a menu item to its parent; apart of the difficulty of 
trying to implement it

The left-arrow gives focus back to the parent menu item but the submenu remains 
posted. For the use-case you describe of navigating the menu tree how imprtant 
is it that the submenu be unposted? I believe htat this navigation can currently 
be done using the arrow keys.

Have you looked at the effect of the left arrow key when the focus is on a menu 
item which is in a submenu of a menu item in the menu bar? It moves to the 
previous menu item in the menu bar and selects the first menu item in its 
submenu. This loooks does not look correct to me. How about just moving to the 
menu item in the menu bar?

The effect of the arrow keys are different depending on whether one is in a menu 
bar or a submenu of a menu item in a menu bar. Is this a problem or exepected?


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> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> > In bug 53544 you requested that when a submenu has focus, pressing Esc 
> > unpost only that submenu, and give focus back to that menu's parent menu 
> > (Currently all the open menus and submenus are unposted)
> > 
> > As we are not now allowing a menu item to have focus without the submenu 
> > posted, do you still want a change in this behavior?
> Well, I think it's important that there is a shortcut available that
> only unposts the submenu, and gives focus back to its parent menu item. 
> Left arrow should certainly do this-- my gut feeling is that Esc should
> do the same (and I'm pretty sure that's how it works on Windows).  But I
> could maybe be persuaded that Esc should unpost the whole hierarchy, if
> anyone feels strongly about it.
> The scenario where this functionality is important is when somebody
> knows the menu item they're looking for is on a submenu, but can't
> remember which one.  Or when they're just browsing the menu structure of
> a new application for the first time.  The left-arrow functionality
> mentioned above allows you to browse the sub-menus on a main menu fairly
> painlessly with the keyboard.  Unposting the whole menu structure every
> time at least doubles the required effort.
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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