Re: Getting/Setting text attributes for a GtkEntry

Peter Korn wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> I still want to know that the text in this widget is Times 12 point bold.  Even
> if it's all Times 12 point bold.  Whether I find that out at the widget level,
> or at the text attribute level, I want to find it out.  At least one Windows
> screen magnifier re-renders as much of the text that they can on the screen when
> magnified, so instead of getting chunky text, you get re-rendered text at high
> resolution.  They can't be true to the font if they don't know it...

OK, another devil's advocate here... I am not entirely convinced by
this use case.

For the case in question, if the application developer does not care
what the font or even font size is (that is, did not specify one),
then why should the magnifier?  The magnifier is still free to render
the text in any font it chooses, and if the issue is one of matching
the bounds of the text, that information is available from the AtkText
API already.  So the magnifier has all the info it needs to re-render
the text in the most legible fashion.

Of course the magnifier's text font and color may not match that of
the widget, but if the widget text attributes are "unspecified" (or
rather, consistent with the default) then there is no compelling
reason to match them in the magnifier, and in fact the magnifier will
probably do better if it does not try (for instance, it is free to
choose color combinations and typefaces for maximum legibility rather
than trying to match the appearance of the original widgets).  In
other words, since the widget "attributes" are not providing
"contextual" information (since they are "default" values), there is
no reason for preserving them.



> Regards,
> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibility team
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Bill Haneman
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