Re: Keybindings ATK and JAVA


Your previous mail contained the statement

I think that our proposal for ATK is basically a superset of the Java keybinding 

I put this together with the fact that the Java API exposes keybindings only for 
object selection and we expose keybindings only for actions.


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> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> > 
> > Bill,
> > 
> > Our proposal for ATK currently allows one to obtain the keybindings for an
> > action.
> > 
> > Your mail would seem to imply that selection is an action, which is news to 
> HI Padraig:
> That wasn't my intention.  The idea is that client-side imagemaps
> support the action interface, thus a client-side imagemap would be
> implemented as a child of an AtkObject whose role was HTML_CONTAINER,
> and that imagemap child would support AtkImage and AtkAction.  That
> imagemap might support AtkHyperlink as well, depending on how it is
> used in the HTML file.
> Selections don't imply either that an action has occurred or that the
> selected item implements AtkAction, I don't think.
> -Bill
> > Padraig
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