Re: ATk, Java and Change Notifications

> In those cases where we don't yet have proposals for ATK (below), I suggest 
> we look into whether we should add corresponding properties to the appropriate 
> ATK object.
> We have the limitation that GObject interfaces cannot have properties 
> with them (thought they can have signals).  We would have the choice of using 
> notification signals, on for instance AtkTable, or we could add the TABLE 
> properties to AtkObject (as TEXT properties are already present on AtkObject, 
> though they conceptually belong to AtkText implementors and are only 
> on AtkObjects that implement AtkText).

I would like to clarify what your expectations are for TEXT and whether they 
correspond to the current reality.

The TEXT properties, you refer to, are not (yet?) defined on AtkObject. The 
signals "text_changed" and "text_caret_moved" are defined on the interface 

Have we decided that a text change should be notified to a user of the ATK 
interface by a notify signal on a property rather than by a signal?


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