Re: Keyboard navigation in JHTML component

Ctrl-T and Ctrl-Shift-T were chosen because Tab was being  used for
something else (we can ping Lynn Monsanto for the exact why if it's
important). Separate from any potential coding issues, it's probably ok
to put these key sequences in the key map but I think Tab should be the
advertised method for navigating links and other interactive elements
in the page.


> Peter Korn wrote:
> > I don't recall seeing this keystroke mentioned in the discussions when
> > looking at how things work in the Swing HTMLEditorKit in Java 2 SDK 1.4:
> > Ctrl-T and Ctrl-Shift-T will move the user between the links on the page,
> > with Ctrl-Space activating that link.  If we have no other keystroke we want
> > to use for this in JHTML, perhaps we should mimic the HTMLEditorKit
> > keystroke...
> Hmm, I hadn't come across that one before either, another option to add
> to the list.  Although I've currently switched mindset to reworking the
> keyboard navigation for the GtkTreeView, so I'll get back to the HTML
> widget after our week's break, I think!
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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