Re: GailTreeView Changes Proposal


Bill says:

> One thing to note is that there are proposals afoot to change GtkTreeView to use a 
> single renderer for text and non-text content, so this may affect your architecure a 
> little (in that GailTreeViewTextCell might not have any sibling classes).

I should clarify here.  The proposal that Bill speaks of is to merge the
GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf and GtkCellRendererText.  Basically a
GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf is a combination picture and text rendererer.

There is no plan to get rid of GtkCellRendererToggle or GtkCellRendererPixBuf

There isn't yet a solid plan regarding how we should handle a
GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf, but there are a few options:

1. We could write separate cell implementations.  Cells that use GtkCellRendererText
   will use a Gail object that implements AtkText and cells that use
   GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf will use a Gail object that implements both AtkText and
2. We could just make all cells that use GtkCellRendererText or GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf
   use the same Gail object that implements both AtkText and AtkImage.  The AtkImage
   will only actually be implemented if the renderer is a GtkCellRendererTextPixBuf.
   Otherwise the functions would just return "NULL", "FALSE", etc.

3. We could make the GailObject dynamically decide which interfaces it will attach to.

Solution #3 is probably the best choice.

Hope this clears up any questions on this topic.


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