Re: Accessible States for Buttons

Peter Korn wrote:
> Hi Padraig,
> > Currently, a GailButton is never in the state PRESSED. Is there a
> > perceived need for a GailButton to pass through the state PRESSED when
> > the left mouse button is released when the mouse is over a button?
> I could envision test tools, and products that give non-visual feedback, making
> use of that information.  I'm not aware of any critical need for any particular
> disability use cases, but I could be missing something...

Right, I suppose that one could listen for state changes, catch this
state, and emit an audio bleep or something, though of course the same
thing could probably be accomplished via other existing bits of ATK. 
The only disadvantage being the need to generate two more state
changes if we pass through 'PRESSED'.

> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibiltiy team

Bill Haneman
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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