Re: Stock items - toolbar label vs. menu label

Peter Korn wrote:

> If Tab takes you to the toolbar, and the second tab takes out out of the
> toolbar, then no matter how long the toolbar is, you only incur one addition to
> the tab order.

This is very true, and it's actually what's in the proposal document at
the moment.  So feel free to ignore my previous ramblings  :)  

I'm still not utterly convinced about how you'd consistently get focus
to the toolbar in all cases without a special shortcut, though-- for
example in a typical text editor app, you have menu bar, toolbar and
editor pane, and pressing tab in the editor pane inserts a tab
character.  Maybe the "Ctrl+Tab brings you out of the current container"
thing you mentioned really does always work in those situations, though
(or should be made to).


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