Re: Theming for outline expanders for GtkTreeView

Darin Adler wrote:

Hi Darin:

GtkTreeView is good.  So is GtkTextView.  At least they are better
than the 1.X stuff.  They are making it possible to do good
accessibility work, I don't think accessibility support (of any kind
of quality) is feasible on the old widgets.

> > [lecture about using stock functionality]
> If the stock stuff is good enough, we'll use it!
>     -- Darin

I sure hope so, it will reduce the amount of accessibility
implementation stuff that will have to be written for Nautilus custom
widgets.  Given the short porting time I hope we can all be sure to
keep this on the radar :-)

Perhaps next month is not too early to start planning for this custom
widget support, there may be a little bit of work that can be done in
advance of the actual 2.0 port...

Best regards,

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