Re: [g-a-devel] RFC: AtkText simplification

Hey, Joanie.

Interesting. Personally I think it's nicer if a given chunk of text can
be chopped up neatly into the various TEXT_BOUNDARY_FOO units with no
scraps left over. Even for words.

I share this thinking but I don't know background of these constants.

> It seems it makes
> the presence of getTextBefore/After methods very helpful.

Nah. As I've stated elsewhere, the only place they were being used in
Orca was to work around bugs in Gecko.

I meant it in the context of IA2 constants. If getTextAtOffset returns no word when you are outside words then you'd need getTextAfter/Before to find next/previous word.
Having said that, let me play devil's advocate in response to your
observation above. Perhaps IA2 is getting their word boundaries wrong
and would benefit from being more ATK-like. ;)

As long as Gecko IA2 consumers are happy with it. I should notice that current Gecko version implements IA2 constants in ATK way so it seems AT deals with it. It doesn't mean IA2 world should be changed, it rather means Gecko doesn't follow IA2 spec. But yeah it's worth to consider and investigate.

Thank you.

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