Re: [g-a-devel] at-spi idea: two registration points of entry

So I'm proposing to debate if have sense to add an AT registration.

So, it would be something like:

a) Target apps register to at-spi2 (as it is done right now on
  adaptor_init, bridge.c::664)

b) AT apps register to at-spi2 using an alternative (not existint
  yet) API.

So, when apps register on at-spi2 on a), if there is any AT listening,
the bridge will start to add the listeners to their events, and so on,
as it is being done now.

But if there isn't any AT listening, this registration will not be
done, they will be just added to the register. If after some time any
AT is registered, at-spi2 will ask to any app registered, to start to
add the listeners and so on. In the same way it would be good to add a
mechanism to remove the event emission on any app if the count of AT
apps listening reaches zero.

Does this mean all a11y objects are created when the first AT
starts? I think users may experience a very painful time.

If not, we may have the performance trouble even atkbridge is not
sending signals, because gail is still working. Many performance
troubles are caused by gail, like the treeview one.


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