[g-a-devel] Unsure about when to migrate mousetweaks to at-spi2

Mousetweaks is an assistive tool that uses at-spi. The patch to migrate mousetweaks to at-spi2 is ready, but currently it does not make sense to apply it because of the following at-spi2 bug:
http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25963 The object of this email is the following: assuming that the bug gets fixed in time, should we migrate mousetweaks before the release of GNOME 2.30 or wait for the next development cycle?
In fact, once mousetweaks has been migrated to at-spi2, it will not work anymore with the old at-spi, making it useless on system that do not ship the new at-spi2.

Cheers, Francesco.

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