[g-a-devel] About python bindings and pyatspi interrelation


these days I was experimenting the use of gi Atk javascript bindings
on gnome-shell [1]. The first problem that I found was a overlapping
problem. But this mail if for other issue.

After that, I started to use this with python. At first I was not able
to use it. For any reason I was not able to call the Atk methods. With
the help of one igalian comrade I found that the problem was importing

If I import pyatspi, and check wich methods I can call on a object
implementing AtkText (with help), I have this:

   Help on __main__.CallyText in module gi.types object:

   class __main__.CallyText(__main__.CallyActor, atk.Component, atk.Action, atk.Text, atk.EditableText)

If I avoid to import pyatspi, I get this:

   Help on __main__.CallyText in module gi.types object:

   class __main__.CallyText(__main__.CallyActor,
   gi.repository.Atk.Component, gi.repository.Atk.Action,
   gi.repository.Atk.Text, gi.repository.Atk.EditableText)

Check that in this case it is doing the correct one, using the
bindings from the gobject introspection repository. After all,
automated bindings with gobject introspection is the future (and the

It is seems that importing pyatspi some manual atk bindings are beind

Thinking a little about it is not a really big problem. Normally you
don't require to import both on your code, as they belong to different
"sides" of the atk-bridge.

You would use atk and cally code from the application side, and use
pyatspi from the AT application side.

But this is just a quick guess. If this is not the current state, we
probably have found a new problem.

Opinion, ideas, suggestions?

[1] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-shell-list/2010-August/msg00017.html

API (apinheiro igalia com)

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Testing if python have the same problem with overlapped
# ->get_name methods (AtkObject and AtkAction)
# More info here:
# http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-shell-list/2010-August/msg00017.html
# How to use pygi from:
# http://live.gnome.org/PyGObject
# Author: Alejandro Pinheiro <apinheiro igalia com>

#import pyatspi don't import this!! or you would load manual python bindings, and the example will not work
import pygtk
pygtk.require ('2.0') # adds gi to the pythonpath

from gi.repository import Clutter
from gi.repository import Atk

def key_press_cb (self, event, label):
    atk_label = label.get_accessible ()

    name = atk_label.get_name ()
    name_using_class = Atk.Object.get_name (atk_label)
    action_name = Atk.Action.get_name (atk_label, 0)

    print "label name: " + name
    print "label name using class: " + name_using_class
    print "label action 0 name: " + action_name

if __name__ == "__main__":
    Clutter.init (None)

    color = Clutter.Color ()
    color.red = 0xff
    color.green = 0x00
    color.blue = 0x00
    color.alpha = 0xff

    label = Clutter.Text ()
    label.set_text ("Some text")
    label.set_font_name ("Sans Bold 32px")
    label.set_color (color)

    s = Clutter.Stage ()
    s.title = 'Overlapping methods'

    s.set_size (600, 200)
    s.connect ('destroy', lambda x: Clutter.main_quit())
    s.connect ('button-press-event', key_press_cb, label);

    s.add_actor (label)

    s.show_all ()
    Clutter.main ()

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