Re: [g-a-devel] Speech-dispatcher/orca integration specification, first draft.

I am happy to announce the fourth, and hopefully final draft of the speech-dispatcher/GNOME Accessibility technologies integration specification, found here: Please have a read and give feedback. Changes in this version are as follows:

 * Refer not only to Orca, but all GNOME accessibility technologies that use speech output.
  * This now includes gok and dasher.
 * Attempted to clarify bits and pieces a little more by refactoring wording.

I am in the final stages of drafting a document outlining the work I will be doing as part of the next two Ubuntu development cycles, leading up to GNOME 3.0, to further the speech cause, and assuming no issues, should have my work approved by my manager in at most a week. Once approved, I will start work right away.

In the long term interests of making the speech-dispatcher API the standard speech API for Linux, it has been suggested to me that I look at getting this project hosted at freedesktop, which will give some immediate benefits:
 * A bug tracker
 * A vcs repository
 * A mailing list for development discussion

Whilst the original home of speech-dispatcher has mailing lists and a vcs repository, there is no bug tracker so far as I have found, and moving to freedesktop is another way of indicating a willingness to define a speech API standard. Moving to freedesktop also may draw interest from other parts of the community to help with the speech API standardization effort. It would also be nice to get speech-dispatcher into a more useful vcs repository, something other than cvs. :) So if anybody is reading this and have ties with freedesktop, please contact me, as I'd love to hear from you.


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