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Hi Mike,

I'd be very interested in harmonizing that. The Mozilla Messaging team currently is working on integrating the Lightning calendar extension into Thunderbird 3, and it would be good if the exposure is similar so screen readers such as Orca would only need to implement one sort of processing for this type of control.


On 08.12.2008 14:59, Mike Gorse wrote:
Brad just reminded me that atk objects have a "description", so that could be a good way to expose a date being today, although, from a brief look at the code, it seems that Orca currently only reads an object's description in certain cases.

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, Mike Gorse wrote:

Hi all,

We're trying to a11y-enable the SWF MonthCalendar control in Mono. It represents "today" by placing a big red circle around the number, and we're trying to figure out how to expose that in atk. I was thinking of adding an attribute, to be returned either by getAttributes or getRunAttributes, for the object representing today, although I don't know if there is a standard attribute that we could use for it. I can't think of a better way to handle it, though. A date can also be bold, so we'll need to add a text attribute to handle that case.

Does anyone have any input?

-Mike G-

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