Re: [g-a-devel] gnome-mag branched to gnome_2_18 and thanks to all for accessible fixes in 2.18!

Hi Carlos,

At Virgnia Tech I have been doing some testing with the new magnification on
laptops and desktops.  Your work in composite has been really impressive to
most of the researchers here who work with commercial products in Windows.
We are looking forward to a few of the bug fixes we talked about (i.e.
hiding the mouse cursor, better integration into Orca, etc).  And the new
features you listed below.  I remember you saying you would not have much
time to work on gnome-mag, but it sounds like you will for the 2.20 release?
If so, we are all looking forward to your continual efforts!

As a side note I am working on a program at our college campus at Virginia
Tech to be offering free USB keys with the a very simple distribution and
the gnome desktop with AT tools.  This solution would highlight the
accessible solutions on the Linux desktop thus far.  I am planning on having
the tools with shortcuts on the desktop, clear documentation from the
desktop, etc.  These keys would be distributed to low income individuals or
people who are genuinely interested in AT.  Everyone's work in all of this
(orca, lsr, gnome-mag, firefox, etc) is creating great alternatives to the
Windows commercial products.  Thank you all!  I look forward to 2.18 and new
work in the future!


Jason Grieves



I branched gnome-mag to gnome_2_18:

svn checkout svn+ssh://

The development will now continue in trunk.

The plans for 2.19 are:

* Have a test suite.

* Make DAMAGE and XFIXES extensions a required dependencie;

* Isolate the X11 dependent code;

* Add XCB protocol support;

* Improve COMPOSITE support;

* Isolate the IPC/RPC dependent code;

* Support D-BUS IPC;

Best regards,

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