[g-a-devel] Keeping/removing AccessibleText get by Sentence [Fwd: Re: [Accessibility-ia2] Suggest remove IA2_TEXT_BOUNDARY_SENTENCE]

Hi guys,

In addition to the discussion about state deprecations, I'd like to give another kick to the apple cart - keeping/removing some of the text range constants. I put the letter/word/line/sentence stuff in in the first place, thinking it'd be useful for several AT use cases and trusting that the Java parsing support for those chunks would do the right thing.

Alas, as Harald points out supporting this generally (especially sentence) is a right pain. And I have a feeling that screen readers aren't using this API. So, while we are in a deprecating mood, perhaps we should deprecate this too?


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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On Thursday 18 January 2007 21:30, Aaron Leventhal wrote:
> Application internals almost never have support for this, and developers
> will have to do lots of extra work to support it. Very difficult to
> implement given I18N.
> I don't believe this is something the AT wants to have the app support
> for just accessibility, because the support will end up being incorrect
> or very different between implementations.

I agree to this, I'd love to see Sentence go. It's not only a nightmare to 
implement, it can also lead to obscure bugs with languages that don't have a 
concept of "sentence".


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