Re: [g-a-devel] Trying to understand STATE_SENSITIVE

Hi Will,

Willie Walker wrote:
I don't believe any of the users of IA2 or ATK or using STATE_SENSITIVE
to mean anything other than STATE_ENABLED.
For one, no one understands it. Second, it's not actually useful because
if somethings greyed out it should not react to user input. As David
Bolter says, the UI designer should be shot if a greyed out widget
reacts to user input.

I call to deprecate both STATE_SENSITIVE and STATE_ARMED.

We use STATE_SENSITIVE in Orca.  The thing I understand is as follows,
though my understanding might be wrong because I'm not sure I've never
fully understood the relationship between ENABLED and SENSITIVE:

SENSITIVE means the thing is not grayed out.  For example, you can press
a button.  It doesn't necessarily mean the application will do anything
when you press the button, though.

ENABLED means that if the thing is SENSITIVE, manipulating it will
actually cause some sort of action in the application.  I'm not sure,
but I think it is possible to have an ENABLED component that is not

If this is correct, then SENSITIVE is more indicative of the visual GUI
state and ENABLED merely indicates non-visual application state.  From
an AT standpoint, I think SENSITIVE is the more practical state to look
for whereas ENABLED is mostly intellectually interesting.

So Orca does not care about STATE_ENABLED? In gok we accept either sensitive _or_ enabled as worthy of providing access to for our users. In gok we have to err on that side though... as we are a different animal (non-aquatic actually).


As such, if this were Sophie's choice, I'd choose to ditch ENABLED and
keep our dear SENSITIVE child.


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