[g-a-devel] Are action names localized?

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Should the action names exposed by accessible widgets/components be

The case for "yes":
AT like GOK can just expose the localized action names to the user as GOK keys without having to worry about english user literacy.

The case for "no":
AT like Orca can do neat things like script for specific action names
such as "cycle" or "toggle", and provide a better user experience. If
Orca scripted for "toggle" but in Klingon it was in fact "snarklegruff",
then the script would fail. Expecting Orca to translate cycle into
Klingon in the same way as the author of the app widget did doesn't seem

AT-SPI's AccessibleAction_getDescription should of course be expected to
return localized strings.

I suppose ideally we could have API:

But we don't. So what should we do?  Note: if we say "yes" we still need
to solve the keying off action name problem.  If we say no, GOK has the
fallback of using (a hopefully short) action description to build key
labels. If I don't hear back, I'll assume action names are not localized.

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