Re: [g-a-devel] AtkHyperlink - interface or full object type?


I believe it is being changed to be a full interface so that we can expose complex containment hierarchies such as HTML documents. You can see how we're going to do this for Firefox here:

- Aaron

Marcus von Appen wrote:

I wonder, whether the AtkHyperlink is an (incomplete) interface or
object type, which can be used out of the box using the g_object_new()
constructur function. Looking at the ATK sources revealed not that much,
but it looks to me like it is an interface type as all AtkHyperlink
related functions call its class function pointers, which do not seem to
be bound anywhere.

The ATK docs however state, that it is an object (like an AtkObject, etc.).

Can someone clarify that? And given it is not an interface, which
function pointers have to be overriden in implementations of it?


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