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I would also like to point out that your assertion that Bonobo is "dead or dying" is somewhat controversial. In the GNOME 2.X timeframe, and very likely in the 3.X timeframe as well, Bonobo will continue to be provided with the Gnome libraries because of binary-compatibility guarantees. Once integrated into the desktop, such technologies take a very long time to die. I agree that we should future-proof ourselves against relying on technologies which are no longer fashionable, which is another motivation for our "multiple worlds" approach to binary certification of the AT-SPI backend.

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Aditya Pandey wrote:


This is a welcome statement of intent. But it leaves doubts on what exactly is the roadmap (implementation), as in bonobo is either dead or dying, so what happens to the the accessibility code being changed for D-BUS.

In short, I could not find answers to what set of "base" libraries is going to be used, or is it that there would be multiple implementations all conforming to some IDL.

On 9/26/05, *Bill Haneman* <Bill Haneman sun com <mailto:Bill Haneman sun com>> wrote:

    Hello everyone:

    I would like to draw your attention to a statement which the Gnome
    and KDE Accessibility Projects, and the Free Standards Group's
    Accessibility Workgroup (FSGA), have prepared regarding
    the plans and intentions of their projects with respect to
    interoperability and standardization:

    We hope that this statement helps clarify where our projects are
    going in the future and in particular the degree to which we aim
    to continue working together to improve accessibility for all of
    our users.

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