Re: [g-a-devel] gnopernicus: srcore module - what is the function of srctrl.c

Bill Haneman wrote:

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes wrote:


What is the function of srctrl.c in srcore? I don't understand it. Can anyone explain me what this part of the program and for what are all that static functions (they are used? I search the functions that are called by the functions declared in srctrl.h with cscope, but appear that any static function in this file is called.)?

This looks to me like the main control source for all gnopernicus settings and commands.

I find it strange, because all the functions are static and many
functionalities that are implemented in srctrl.c is in srmag.c too. The
main control is changing and being more modular? The srmag.c is
substituing srctrl.c?

Realize that 'gnopernicus' and 'srcore' are two separate binaries, 'gnopernicus' spawns 'srcore' and communicates with it via gconf.

(That is not the recommended way for applications to use gconf, but that's how gnopernicus does it).

It does not appear to be a good way too, it's not so much slow? If gconf
mantaim something like a proxy and do not have to access the disk every
time that an information is required it's is not so bad. So if the
things happen this way, srcore have to make pooling in gconf to know if
something have changed?

From what I saw in the gnopernicus code, I think that the design is
changing, it really is? Can someone from BAUM explain how the srcore
module is organized and give an roadmap what is being thinked to the
future, so we can understand it bettter?



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