[g-a-devel]Nautilus menu labels

HI.  While poking around in AT-SPI I realized that Nautilus is the
only app I've found so far which has no names for it's menus.  Actual
menu-items and submenus are labeled, but the top menus aren't.

I now found that /usr/share/gnome-2.0/ui/nautilus-desktop-icon-view-ui.xml
is the reason for this, quoting the file:

        <!-- By re-labelling these submenus to names without underscores, we
             prevent the user from bringing up the otherwise-invisible menu bar
             menus on the desktop from the keyboard. Setting the labels to "" in
             code does not work (presumably Bonobo bug), but doing so here does.
        <submenu name="File" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Edit" label=""/>
        <submenu name="View" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Go" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Bookmarks" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Profiler" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Help" label=""/>
        <submenu name="Preferences" label=""/>

Now, this looks like bad behaviour from an accessibility standpoint to me.

First of all, isn't the comment wrong?  If the intention of this
piece of XML is to suppress shortcuts, shouldn't it just really define
the label without using _?


        <submenu name="File" label="File"/>

What do people suggest to deal with such a thing?  I am trying
to find my way around about how to help fix accessibility related bugs,
so a short intro on how to resolve such issues would be great. File a bug?

Or is this actually a valid way of doing things, and the assistive
technologies need to obtain menu labels other than calling

Thanks for your help,
  Mario | Debian Developer <URL:http://debian.org/>
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