[g-a-devel]Why does AccessibleEditableText_insertText require a length argument?


I'd like to understand why AccessibleEditableText_insertText
requires a length argument, whereas AccessibleEditableText_setTextConents
does not.  Here are the two prototypes from cspi/spi.h:

AccessibleEditableText_setTextContents (AccessibleEditableText *obj,
                                        const char *newContents);

AccessibleEditableText_insertText (AccessibleEditableText *obj,
                                   long int position,
                                   const char *text,
                                   long int length);

The fact that AccessibleEditableText_setTextContents does
not need a length argument somewhat indicates that it assumes
a 0-byte terminated standard C string.  OTOH, the length argument
of AccessibleEditableText_insertText makes me thing it would require
some Unicode string.

Can anyone explain why the second function does require
a length argument, and if strlen(str) is sufficient to suppply this?

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