[g-a-devel]Re: high gnopernicus string count

ons 2003-07-16 klockan 08.08 skrev Peter Korn:
> I haven't done an audit of the Gnopernicus strings - I'll leave that to the
> experts at BAUM. 

I actually believe that it would be much useful, and also currently very
much needed, with a Gnopernicus message review done by others,
preferrably people whose first language is English.

While the experts at Baum have been very responsive in quickly fixing
the message problems in Gnopernicus that have been pointed out (see 
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?product=gnopernicus&keywords=string for a list of reported problems in the messages), the fact remains that the bulk of the message problems have been weird or incorrect use of the English language, be it lots of simple typos, strange grammar or even incorrect terminology in places.

So while a lot of problems have already been reported and also been
quickly fixed by Baum people (kudos to them for that), I believe that
this is only the tip of the ice berg, since it were errors that were
immediately obvious even for people whose first language wasn't English.

So a lot remains to be reported and consequently be fixed. Reviewing
should be simple -- just take a look at a recent pot file and the
messages listed in it, for example by using the
http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gtp/status/gnome-2.4/PO/gnopernicus.HEAD.pot pot file. That file contains all messages marked for translation.

> While there may be a number of strings that aren't needed (or which don't
> need to be translated) - which we should find and note, to ease the burden
> of localization of Gnopernicus and the GNOME desktop - Gnopernicus will by
> its very nature have a high number of strings.  It is the nature of the
> beast!

This is certainly true -- but it looks to me, by looking at the pot
file, that there are some messages in Gnopernicus marked for translation
that are really only debug messages of some kind.


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