[g-a-devel]GNOME Speech

Hi all,

I've branched gnome-speech and have been working on the gnome-speech0-1 branch. But in order to get some naming nastiness cleaned up, and in general improve readability, I've done a ton of renaming files in my local copy which I now need to commit to the branch. the GNOME guidelines suggest not removing and then re-adding files under different names, but how else can this be accomplished?

Also, I'm having problems with CORBA_strings which are a part of structs being marshalled properly. I'm sure I'm doing something dumb, but can't for the life of me figure out what. The IDL is:

struct Parameter {
	CORBA_string name;
	double min;
	double current;
	double max;
	boolean enumerated;

typedef sequence<Parameter> ParameterList;

In the getSupportedParameters method implementation:

ParameterList getSupportedParameters ()

I'm allocing the sequence and _buffer, properly setting the _length and _maximum, and copying the appropriate info into the return value, ensuring to CORBA_string_dup the strings. But, on the client side, the string sometimes comes out empty. For example, I had a parameter called "pitch" which worked fine, but when I changed its name to "Baseline Pitch", the string on the client-side was empty. Sure seems like I'm toasting memory somewhere, but can't see where and don't know why it would work sometimes.

I'll be happy to commit code to the branch for review if someone can tell me how to deal with the renaming problem...

any ideas?



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