[g-a-devel]Re: The whole panel focus/keynav thing

> Yes we should. This close to release we should have backed the change
> out a few days ago. 

It was added on Friday I think; at any rate Padraig was not in over the

> Personally, I would much rather approve the addition of
> "atk_bad_hack_alert_panel_focus ()" no ATK then something that's pretty
> much inevitably going to cause mass breakage. 

AFAICS there is no way anything in ATK could ever do what we need here,
we do need themed behavior.  The accessibility requirement is for
highlighting, so it does need to be based on the theme and GTK_STATE.

> The problem is not the size of the changes, the problem is that you are
> requiring API changes, and worse to a huge number of external modules
> with which we have no good communication. Worse, the changes don't cause
> total breakage so many people will never fix the problem.

This is *not* API change, we are using existing API, and in documented
ways.  It is of course UI change.

Surely this is not the only gtk-2 behavioral change in the themes (maybe
one of the more visible ones though) - for instance gnome 1.4 panels
*did* prelight the buttons, which we want to remove for the default

(We need to start trimming the patch attachment from this thread).


> -Seth

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