RE: [g-a-devel]GtkNotebook ...

Hi Mukund,

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 12:22, Mukund wrote:
> The output using the text tool that am developing now on gtk-demo's main
> window:

	Oh; I'm missing that in at-poke, I havn't done the selection thing yet.

> The 'selection' is implemented on page-tab-list, which parents 'Info'
> and 'Source' page-tabs. So I think this isn't a bug. Padraig ?

	Yes - I had never really considered doing it like that.

> As an aside, I find that most of the accessible names aren't set (not
> NULL though).

	Yes - this is not a problem (it seems) for things that implement
GtkText, neither is it for fillers.

	Also - I think you'd do better to work with me on at-poke really, since
it's already somewhat drastically better at tree display than
test-simple ever was - although we need it to generate textual reports I



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