RE: [g-a-devel]clarification needed on Keyboard Navigation among buttons.


A brief description of what has been discussed in the mails below.
Consider an application (eg gnome-calculator) that has a table of
buttons. The user can navigate the buttons using the tab key as
well as the arrow keys. If the focus is on the last button in a
particular row, and the user presses the right arrow, then currently
the focus does not always go the first button in the next row (sometimes
it does, sometimes it goes to some other row, not the next row).

Now, the requirement is to produce a system beep sound when the
user tries to press the right arrow key when the focus is on the
last button in a row (similarly if he/she presses the up arrow
key when the focus is on the topmost button in a column etc).

Is it possible to implement this in the application itself ?
If so, what are the interfaces that needs to be used ?

Or this is something that has to be fixed at gtk/gdk library

Please let me know.


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> Subject: Re: [g-a-devel]clarification needed on Keyboard Navigation
> among buttons.
> I think stopping at the ends of rows and columns would be the most
> intuitive for a blind person, although possibly not for a sighted
> person.  Having to tab between all the buttons in gnome-calculator is
> definitely a drag since there are so many, so any improvements
> would be great.
> Thanks,
> Marc
> At 01:40 PM 2/18/2002 +0000, Calum Benson wrote:
> >Narayana Pattipati wrote:
> > >
> > > I have a doubt in Keyboard Navigation among buttons. In case of
> > > gnome-calculator(gcharmap also), there are many rows and columns of
> > > buttons placed in a box.
> > >
> > > what about the navigation across rows.?  Using Tab/Shift +Tab,
> > > navigation is possible across the rows.
> > > Should this be provided using Left/Right arrow keys also? I feel,
> > > there are two possibilities.
> > > One is to allow user to navigate to a next/previous row with
> Right/Left
> > > arrows. This is good because
> > > user can navigate among buttons continously as he does with
> Tab. Another
> > > possibility is do NOT allow user
> > > to navigate across rows and give a beep when he tries to navigate past
> > > the last/first button in a row with Right/Left arrows.
> >
> >I suppose there is also a third possibility, which is to wrap around but
> >keep the focus on the same row.  As a sighted user, that would perhaps
> >be the most intuitive to me, but I can imagine it might cause problems
> >for someone relying on a screenreader.
> >
> >Do you have any thoughts on this Marc?  I think you've suggested in the
> >past that sometimes it's useful to stop with a beep when you hit the
> >beginning or end of a row or column of something, rather than wrapping
> >around.  Do you think it makes sense to do this with the arrow keys
> >here?  Or would you prefer to wrap focus around onto the next row of
> >buttons when you reach the end of a row?  (Perhaps only stopping with a
> >beep at the very first and very last buttons on the calculator, if at
> >all?)
> >
> > > Also I did not understand the navigation among buttons in a column.
> > > Using Up/Down arrow user can navigate. When user
> > > navigates past the last/first in a column using down/up
> arrows, what is
> > > the expected behaviour?
> >
> >I'll pass to Marc again :) What do you think, should pressing down arrow
> >stop at the top/bottom of a column of buttons, wrap to the next column,
> >or wrap but stay in the same column?
> >
> >Cheeri,
> >Calum.
> >
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