Re: [g-a-devel]Accessibility for clock applet

> Hi,
>  I have been looking at providing accessibility support for clock
> applet.
> I found now there is only one type of clock (i.e. computer clock) is
> available.
> The time and date in the clock applet are displayed using gtk-label.

Is the time the text in a GtkLabel? (I assume you _do_mean GtkLabel with 

atk_object_get_name() should return the text on the label when called for an 
AtkObject for a GtkLabel so I do not understand why you set accessible name.


> From accessiblity point of view, I found that only accessible name and
> descriptions are missing which I could set.
> Tooltips and atk relation between radio buttons in the property dialog
> box are already present.
> Please comment on the above.
> Thanks,
> Pasu
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