Re: [g-a-devel]Gdict applet accessibility. Inviting comments.

This looks right based on my experience with gdict with speech.


At 12:14 PM 2/25/2002 +0530, Narayana Pattipati wrote:

I am trying to make Gdict applet accessible. I intend to do
the following to make it accessible.

a)  For custom widget GDictPrefDialog(Preferences dialog window):

    - Provide AtkRelation for the label 'Server' and associated
       text entry.
    - Provide AtkRelation for the label 'Port' and associated text
    - Tooltips for Server and Port entry boxes to get accessible
    - Tool tips for "Set Server", "Set Port" buttons.

b)  For Custom Widget GDictSpeller( Speller window )

       - Provide AtkRelation for the label 'Word' and its associated
          text entry.
       - Appropriate tooltips for "Spell", "Look Up" buttons.
       - Accessible description for the text entry with label'Word'.

c)  For the main gdict window:

       - Provide AtkRelation for label 'Word' and its assocoated
          word entry. The word entry is a gnome-entry.
       - Provide accessible description to the word entry by setting
          description explicitly or by setting a tooltip.
       - Provide a Tooltip for 'Look Up' button.

d)   Accessibility for the gnome-entry on the main window.

      The entry where user types a word is a gnome-entry.
      User can also select a word from the existing list of words
      from the combo-box. Gnome-entry's accessible type is
      GailCombo. Gnome-entry should provide AtkText
      interface in order to read out the word selected/typed to the
      user. This needs be done in the library libgnomeui.

e)  On the main window, there is a GnomeAppBar which is set
     as a status bar to the window. This status bar is an interactive
     status bar, i.e user can type in something on the status bar
     (user can type a word for 'Find'). This needs accessible
     name/description. Libgnomeui library needs to provide them.

Please comment on this.

Thanks and Regards,


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