[g-a-devel]screensaver accessibility [was Re: Problems with xscreensaver && i18n]

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
[distro trimmed to remove some individuals who are probably already on 
gnome-hackers, and remove desktop-devel-list]


One remaining issue which will need fixing sooner or later
(I am hesitant to mention 2.0.0 in this context ;-) is
that the screensaver needs to have some accessibility hooks so that
disabled people can log back in once xscreensaver starts.

The existing password dialog box is not accessible of course
because it's just X I believe.

I understand that there are some setuid issues with the use of GTK+
here; perhaps there's a solution that would allow us to use a Gtk+
dialog, in which case we'd be fine (possibly some tweaking required 
to get the setuid app talking to the user-owned accessibility registry 

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