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Hi Marc,

	Just looking up Luis' problem; and I see you have:


	A few comments - that module is pretty nasty - it doesn't make sense to
have loads of methods that just do:

	CORBA_impl -> call class method of similar name

	It's by far the best to simply implement the CORBA method in the place
where the code is; having an abstract interface that maps CORBA -> gtk
style code in-between used to be a good idea pre-BonoboXObject days in
Gnome 1.4 - but it's not a good idea now.

	So I'd propose binning the speech_synthesis_driver.c and just
implementing the interface straight.

	This'll be an especially big win with the bigger interface. Of course -
if you wish to share real functionality, then implement that in the base
class, and simply override the CORBA impl's in the sub-class and chain
as you would for a normal Gtk+ class - that's why it's done that way.

	And of course; if you don't implement the method - the remote [or
local] end will get a nice CORBA/NOT_IMPLEMENTED exception back which
will tell them more than it simply returning FALSE from the method - and
also encourage client code to do correct exception handling.

	Oh, and incidentally using '_'s in file names is pretty frowned upon in
Gnome, although naming eclecticism is still rampant in at-spi, I don't
see it as a good thing.



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