[g-a-devel]mouse events throught the at-spi registry


Glad to see some emails from you on the list.  You must be back at work?

I am hoping you can give me some details on the mouse button events that are captured by the at-spi. For starters here is my call to hook in a listener:
SPI_registerGlobalEventListener (mouseListener, "mouse:button");

This works fine, except in the case where a modifier key is held down. Is there a different way to request these events, or is this not available to me through the at-spi. If not, can it be added? (And I'll add thank you here for putting in the existing mouse button event stuff).

Now the background: we want the users to be able to do all the things current users can do with the keyboard, using the standard default key bindings. One such key binding is M-Tab doing window cycling. This is an interactive process whereby a user presses tab mutliple times until they see the window they want.
On the gok, the user's steps are
1. simulate an alt-press (using an appropriate key on a gok keyboard).
2. simulate tab as often as needed (using the tab key on a gok keyboard).
3. simulate an alt-release

Unfortunately, if the user is driving the gok with a mouse, steps 2 and 3 can not occur unless we can get an event for mouse presses in an "alt key is down context". We do get mouse releases, but that is not good enough.

(BTW we are not (yet) experts on modified mouse button presses, and the possible interplay between the window manager etc. with respect to "swallowing" events.)

So... again, is it possible for us to get the mouse button press events in a "key modifier is down context"?

thanks as always,


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