Re: [g-a-devel]Clarification on gtkoptionmenu keynav.

Hi Owen,

I am trying to implement Home/End key navigation for gtkoptionmenu. 
I have added a new signal for this purpose in gtkmenushell.c and
added a callback which returns Boolean value as suggested by Havoc
in the following discussion. I have to address the following issues

a) Since the source code for navigation is same for all the kinds 
   of menus(drop-down/popup etc), Home/End keynav is given for the 
   other kinds of menus also. Is it OK to have Home/End for all the
   If it is not correct, could you please suggest a way to address this

b) User can assign Home/End keys as dynamic key shorts. In that case,
   Home/End keynav should be disabled for the menus. In gtkmenu the
   property "gtk-can-change-accels" is defined. How do I dynamically
   verify whether this property is defined for any kind of menu.??
Could you please clarify the above doubts.

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Narayana Pattipati <narayana pattipati wipro com> writes:
> >   'gtk-can-change-accels' property is defined in gtkmenu.c. I could find
> > out
> >   the flag which corresponds to this. Now what I did is to allow the
> >   keybinding for Home/End keys only if the flag is FALSE. Is it OK if I
> >   implement it this way. Now for all kinds of menus,
> >   if the flag is FALSE, the Home/End keynav will be enabled.
> There are two problems here:
>  - if you change the setting while the app is running, it does not
>    take effect
>  - you need to be looking at whether menus are locked on a per-menu
>    basis, maybe Owen knows which function you need for that
> So I think you need to use the strategy where a binding set signal
> returns a boolean.when it should be ignored. GtkPaned does things this
> way. You want to return FALSE if the menu allows changes.
> I believe you will need to add a new signal to GtkMenuShell for this,
> since we made a mistake and did not have the existing signals return
> boolean values.
> Havoc
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