New libbonobo / libgnomeprint packages

	Just released new versions of libbonobo[ui] 1.103.0 and
libgnomeprint[ui] 1.105.0

	Snarf them at:

What changed ?

libbonobo 1.103

	* Bug fixes
		* glib API tracking (Alex Larsson)
		* closure invocations (Me, Ariel Rios)
		* build system updates (Mark McLouglin, Havoc)
		* property bag segv (Me)
		* moniker escaping ABE (Me)
		* event source fix (Dan Winship)

	* Featurelets
		* improved regression tests (Me)
		* more ansification (Frank Belew)
		* several new translations

libbonoboui 1.103

	* Bug fixes
		* build fixage (Glynn Foster, Anders, PeterW)
		* libgnome tracking (George Lebl)
		* leak fixage (Anders)
		* genmarshal standardiztion (Darin)
		* zoomable fixage (Cody Russell)
		* relocate server files (Me)

	* Features

		* code to do toplevel transients from controls (Me)
		* BonoboUINode/UI bits re-write (Me)
			+ much faster code
			+ uses less memory
		* update regression tests (Me)
		* IDL for container verb/id automation (Me)
 		* use gtk-stock for samples (Murray Cumming)
		* pruning libgnome usage (Martin)
		* closure API updates (Martin)
		* file selector client API (Jacob)

libgnomeprint 1.105.0

	Bug fixes
		* workaround buggy linux mmap (Jacob)
		* libxml include fixage (Darin)
		* track latest pango (Darin)
		* build fixage (Me)
		* several new translations

libgnomeprintui 1.105.0

	Bug fixes:
		* build fixage (Me)
		* macro guard fixing (Jacob)
		* include fixage (Me)
		* key fixing (Lauris)
		* bpath fixes (Lauris, Me)

	Many thanks to all our translators, and anyone I've forgotten.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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