Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2001/09/21

Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2001/09/21


John Fleck
Karl Gaffney
Jody Goldberg
Jamin P. Gray
Telsa Gwynne (and computer)
Gregory Leblanc
Michael Meeks
Seth Nickell
Maciej Stachowiak
Sander Vesik
Jeff Waugh


Kjartan Maraas

Previous Actions

  DONE: Maciej, Sander and Telsa discussed and posted the schedule to G2R

  DONE: Sander posted the library list for comments

  DONE: Maciej announced platform release dates

  DONE: Jeff contacted Christian, Debian sid packages for alpha platform
    release and onwards fairly certain

  PENDING: Maciej to determine frozen libraries and gather lists of pending
    changes (after discussion of the platform libraries) are done 


  ACTION: Jeff to overhaul and 'recontentize' dotPlan website

  ACTION: Maciej to modify and announce schedule

  ACTION: Discuss core packages on the list

  ACTION: Telsa to summarise methods for dealing with MUSTFIX bugs
  ACTION: Telsa's (magic carpet ride through) bugzilla documentation

  ACTION: Contact Havoc regarding 1.4.1 / platform library parallel install

Decisions & Discussions

  - Need a web presence for documenting the release process

  - Based on existing dotPlan stuff, already up on d.g.o
  - Not a very wide scope G2 site, just development info

  - Should include: release schedule
                    status for packages
                    download links
                    build list with dependencies

  - Schedule posted by telsa is good

  - Maciej suggests staggered freeze / release dates, this will allow for
    some slack so developers aren't coding and packaging around the clock
    for release, nor will they need to 'push the deadline'

  - Freeze dates between release dates sounds most convincing, some
    discussion of alternate times and benefits

  - Seth wasn't sure about the UI dates, they weren't very clear

  - Freezes only affect particular changes, bug fixes, etc. can go through
    to release date

  - What is in the core, and what can be spun of as apps as part of a larger
    fifth toe release

  - We need snapshots / alpha release of Glib/GTK+ level libraries

  - Give some stick to maintainers - "We'll make tarballs if you aren't
    ready to release."

  - Discuss core and apps on the list
  - No packages ready for alpha platform release, no one has contacted

  - Easier for people to upload to ftp and mail Sander a URL?

  - Reiteration that the platform alpha is *just* the libraries, not even

  - Critical bugs discussion, how to deal with them

  - Keywords suggested as best way to define them in Bugzilla - MUSTFIX

  - Telsa would like to use a variant of Sopwith's NAG posts, will enlist
    Greg to do the Perl grokking required

  - Link to Bugzilla queries on the GNOME 2 dev website would rock

  - Release team should confirm MUSTFIX bugs as a "Bug's Court"

  - To do this: "PLEASEFIX" as MUSTFIX suggestion, or regular query on bugs
	marked MUSTFIX without confirmation by release team member

  - Parallel installation very important for alpha platform and further
    releases, talk to Havoc about the work he's been doing in regards to

- Jeff

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